About Us

Viva Vida is an easy way of living. simply, live life.
If you look good you feel good and happiness is beautiful.
Our team of world travelers thoughtfully curate handcrafted jewelry and lifestyle accessories from around the globe to bring you easy chic luxury style. We believe in sustainable and quality designed fashion for all. All of our pieces are made with quality metals, beads,
gemstones, and textiles. Great love & care goes into our collection to bring you only the best.


Mary Sapountzakis - Founder of Viva Vidaour beginning
Viva Vida was created by Mary Sapountzakis while recovering from Leukemia. Throughout her treatment Mary maintained her self-care routine; when she looked like her normal self, she felt better. In a difficult time for Mary a simple act of self-care sparked great joy in herself and those around her. Putting on a pretty piece of jewelry or fun accessory could make all the difference in the day.
Today Mary is in remission and on mission to bring joy & effortless style to men and women.

Light the Night T-Shirt, Cancer Research Fundraiserwe give back
We are committed to sustainability and giving back. A portion of sales from the Viva Vida Special Edition Collection benefit various charitable organizations, including Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
Our Special Edition Collection is limited edition and new styles are being added often.

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we believe...
• Life is beautiful. Live in joy & truth
• Self-care is a necessity and can come from the simplest acts of love
• Sustainable and quality materials are mandatory
• Empowering & supporting women can only change the world for the better
• Give back when you can, we’re all in this together