Jewelry is personal, wouldn’t you say? We work in it; travel in it; dine in it; sometimes sleep and bathe in it – and we flaunt it everyday. We, for one, have a long standing history with jewelry – one that dates back to an old family business founded on the love of gemstones. 

Growing up in Australia, Brazil, and Greece, Viva Vida founder Mary Sapountzakis learned her family’s trade and committed to continuing the legacy years later by curating and designing versatile collections of 18k gold essentials that enhance the way we wear and appreciate jewelry.

Mary, being well-cultured and paying ode to her family's heritage, decided that there would be no better source for her jewelry than the beautiful places she was raised. As Viva Vida began to expand, Mary would go on to partner with local, ethical suppliers in Brazil, Australia, and France, including her sister Anastacia who is an expert gemologist and brings years of experience from the luxury industry.

Viva Vida continues to transform the way we shop for jewelry by offering a chic e-commerce destination for 18k gold, investment-friendly jewelry that you’ll wear day to night again and again.